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well the thought became solidified about a year ago. The thought being that since just posting booba doesn't really help everyone to have a place to call their own what could be the next logical step for vtubers. Unfortunately Booba got lazy. Didn't see a need at the time, and heck things were going well in planning for another project that was thought of so it was put on the backburner and worked on it very occasionally. The unfortunate part about having a platform that isn't yours meant that if changes happened you were basically done for. Well we can see that changes happened that were beyond our control As it stands we don't know if the changes that are being made or if it will affect anything but the concern that exists was seen and heard. The main reason for the site in first place was to be a place to land for the other project and also serve as a place for vtubers to come together and be a community somewhere that wasn't super private like a discord, segmented like a twitch chat, or so public that it would get lost like a twitter chain.With groups dedicated to specific interest, forums dedicated to discussion on topics, and a place for Booba to post appreciation for vtubers it really was a no brainer. Something geared toward vtubers, virtual content creators, PNGtubers, and 3Dtubers alike. So yes the project that was supposed to be dormant became the primary focus and while there is no definite way to say if this was the right decision, one cannot simply stand by and watch a community you're in get rattled without trying to do something. If there are any lingering doubts that this done maliciously or even an attempt at control, the hope is that this rectifies it and lets you vtubers consider joining vtalky its still very early, BUT the community can help it become the vision of home for Vtubers.

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