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Well, here we go into the final count down

As we head to the deadline of the application process I am figuring out what I could do If the group project doesn't end up having a successful run. There are a couple possibilities. The unfortunate part is that I don't think I can do appreciation posts with permission anymore. As time has gone on I have less and less responses from people who initially seemed interested in one. I might just result to be a retweeter and occasional chat go-er.

I do think that there is potential in a lot of people BUT as time has progressed. More and more distrust came to those who claimed to want to help. more and more of these vtuber "agencies" cropped up and I definitely missing the timing results in a rod for my own back.

Now Im not saying that my project has failed. however it does seem that as much as I was hyped up to do this by some peers, and my own want to help people, the follow-through didn't happen. There is almost 3 weeks left at time of writing and people MIGHT start signing up. However I'm being as realistic as I can be when I say that I'm a little disappointed. In myself, lets be clear. Firstly, for the timing being a full year and a half late because of anxiety. Secondly, because I forgot to actually converse or make meaningful connections with the community. Lastly because as much as I like the idea of a small vtuber supporter named Booba secretly known to everyone in the community. I really would like to have a bigger platform to help more vtubers AT LEAST managing them to a fruitful and successful life to content creation schedule.

At my core I really just want to help people to "A" get more exposure, "B" make friends, and "C" have fun being a vtuber/ content creator. The space at times is mired in people stiffing and grifting people for clout or monetary gain, if I could take that part away from the equation and be the one who ultimately mediates and advocates for people it could leave the people happier to do what they want without worrying about "XXxxupsetyourmomspussy69xxXX" on twitter trying to make a money move with a talent.

This is however a twinkled-starry-eyed dream but who knows what will happen in 3 weeks.

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