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Well ... Time To Try Something Else

Hello Peeps its your favorite Booba Aficionado,

Here we go after about half month of deliberation and reasoning I have decided to not go through with the group idea at this time. While the Idea is there and people did audition, there weren't enough auditions to consider a group. To those of you who did audition, you have my admiration. I'm truly flattered that people would trust me to lead you, thank you. There are those that were probably hesitant and I understand completely. I don't blame you for a second. There are expectations that are held when people set out to be a part of a group. Even more so when the person in question is just a lead and not a participant. So yes the VTalky group is on hold until I can find another time that it would be prudent to open auditions again.

So what shall happen now?

I thought about this for a while and I think I know how I will proceed moving forward.

Booba posts will return in a different way. When I started out the sheer excitement of having your booba talked about under the veil of a shout out was so big that everyone responded in kind. Now however people either have DMs turned off OR ghost after half a conversation. Honestly I have lost count at the number of people who just stopped DMing me after what felt like a delightful conversation. Frankly, I'm tired of it. Remember, I DM people to promote them. Every post up until now has been with advance notice and with permission. Well I'm not gonna ask permission anymore. If I see someone that is trying to make content and I can make a post about them, I just will. This specifically started getting me tired, trying to coheres responses from people. I'm not doing it. DM me about your post if you want. If you don't like it Ill just take it down. If I seem bitter its because I kind of am. I just trying to help and have fun, however after about the 20th person skips DMing with you. It can get demoralizing. So I'm just gonna have my fun and if people enjoy it good.

VTalky, the site will be scaled back a little bit and really used as a sort of "public discord". I still like the idea of having a place that is just for vtubers so the site will still have the forum and groups. Still having the ability to post content on this site is great. Since it is mine I don't have to worry about bans. So I can post about super NSFW vtubers aswell and it be perfectly tenable. There is also the possibility that I might only post certain vtubers only on VTalky. For what reason? No idea yet. I'm still spitballing ideas.

What to try next? Its a question that I asked myself when I knew that the VTalky group was gonna have to wait for a while. Then I got it.... The idea.... I'm gonna clip vtubers. Now I know that this is and has been done, but so many people have only focused on higher profile vtuber groups like hololive, vshojo, and nijisanji or even more popular indies like Shylily, Bao, or GirlDM. Well we all know why, IT BRINGS IN VIEWS! However, why not help the little people. So that is what I'm going to attempt next. Obviously I have to do things a little different. I do indeed have a plan on how to execute. Lets see if this works. I will say this right now If you want your clips in a video, just DM me. aswell as clips from your favs aswell. I cant be everywhere at once but if a funny moment happens in your stream and you dont know how to edit, let me have a try.

Thanks for understanding and lets do more stuff together ok?

Bouncing again,


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