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Thank you for you consideration in applying to become an virtual creator with VTalky. In order to apply you must make sure that both the written portion and the video portion are completed. Otherwise you might not be considered. 

Your audition video must include the following;

  • Introduction

    • Tell us who you are and what you are all about​.

  • Types of activities you do?

    • While we all play games, you might do something different​​. What is it specifically that you do in your content that makes you special.

  • What is your content schedule?​

    • While this is in the written portion there might be more nuance to this for you (ex. Uploads or streams to other platforms or events that are IRL or on a specific website.)​

  • What are some short term and long term goals you might have?​

    • What do you expect to be doing with VTalky now and if it goes on for 2, 3+ years?​

  • What do you hope to experience in VTalky if you are selected?

    • ​Are there any expectations you might have?


Once you are sure that you have all of those items in your video please share it with either a privatized YouTube video, so no one else can see it, or shared drive link in the appropriate box.

You do not need to apply twice. Doing so will kick you out of the running to be chosen. If there are any concerns please reach out either on or on twitter.

Thank you for applying and hope to see you on my team.

Apply To VTalky Entertainment

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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